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How to Use your Social Proofs to Reach Sellers and Build Trust

Apr 1, 2019 | Find More Sellers

Instead of having to find new sellers and convince them that you’re the best agent to sell their home, social proof can provide all the evidence they need to trust you.

Anything that proves to prospective sellers that other homeowners see more value than risk in working with you is part of your social proof. Figure out what your social proofs are and make sure that you are actively making them visible. 

Establish your most powerful social proofs

A good place to start is to consider everyone – clients, colleagues, mentors, industry professionals, employers – who would be able to speak to the value of your serviceAsk these individuals what impresses them about you and your service and write down the most compelling points the raise.

Then ask your clients about the most valuable contributions you’ve made to their lives. This is a broad question but will reveal precisely what has made a great impression in the past. 

Once you have an idea of the qualities and value that has made the strongest impression on these people, add to this list what you know about yourself; your achievements, your best results and anything that shows that people have gotten value out of your service.

Now that you have all this information, you should have a sense of your most powerful Social Proofs!

Find out how to build sincere and genuine professional relationships with prospects and clients.

Make your social proofs visible

Now you have your most powerful social proofs. The next step is making them visible to potential sellers.

Use these points in meetings with sellers. Add them as testimonials to your website and in marketing emails newsletters, your employee profile, posters and cards. Ask your supporters to mention you when someone could use your services.

As soon as you know what your most powerful social proofs are, you will start finding contexts – and sellers – for whom those skills and proofs would be relevant.

One of the easiest and cheapest ways for you to showcase the value you have provided others is through social media. You can use Facebook, Linkedin or other platforms to showcase your successes, your positive reviews and career achievements, at no cost to you.

Make sure the page or profile you’re using professionally has the following elements.

  1. A high-quality photo, personal description and career summary. Internet users have come to associate the quality of content – pictures quality, web design etc – with the quality of the service being advertised. This is your new first impression. Make sure it’s a good one.                                                                                                                                                                                                 
  2. Remember the 80/20 rule. 80 percent of your content should be customer-focused, and 20 percent should center on you as a professional. This a great way to avoid spamming potential clients while making sure you’re marketing yourself. A good general strategy is to focus on providing high-value, customer-focused content and peppering this with your strongest Social Proofs.                                                                                                                                                                                                      
  3. Social Media isn’t a billboard, it’s social network. If your page is working the way it should, you’ll be receiving questions, comments and messages. Responding to these messages, curating conversations and engaging with others is very much part of using Social media to it’s fullest potential. Dedicate some time to this each day.

Manage and add to your Social Proof

You’ve determined your most powerful Social Proofs and made them visible – now you need to manage and add to them. Here are some strategies that you can implement to manage your reputation and add to the Social Proof you already have.

  • Social proof also goes the other way; evidence that homeowners see more risk than potential reward in working with you will give sellers good reason to actively avoid using your services. Conduct regular surveys with clients to determine what would stop them from referring or recommending you to others. This can also be an opportunity to address the grievances your current clients have, potentially turning them into your vocal supporters.                                                                                                                                                                                                       
  • Start looking at everyone who has seen value in your service as potential ambassadors. At settlement, leave cards asking for a referral to friends and family. Include this request on business cards and in conversation. Let your colleagues know that you would appreciate a referral if they come across a prospect that you would be able to assist.                                                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Align yourself with a reputable peer. Dual listings are only one way for you to benefit from the reputation or social proof of a colleague. Helping a colleague where you can, supporting other agents or giving useful professional advice is a great way to turn the professionals around you into Ambassadors. Find out more about how to use reciprocity to attract more business.

In Summary

  1. Get an idea of the people who would be able to speak to your value – clients, colleagues, employers – and use them to determine your most powerful Social Proofs.                                            
  2. Start making these Proofs as visible and active as you can. Use these points in meetings, in conversation and add them to your testimonials, newsletters, employee profile or website. Ask your supporters to mention you when a need arises for your skills or value. Leave cards asking for a referral to friends and family. Align yourself with a reputable peer.                      
  3. Make sure your Facebook content is high-quality. Make sure you are providing valuable customer-focused content, regularly sharing your strongest Social Proofs and responding to comments and messages.

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