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Property Valuation Reports

Aug 1, 2019 | Uncategorised

Using multiple data points, Dracore provides a Property Valuation Report. Our Property Valuation Report will give you the most accurate market value of your home, and a comprehensive overview of the property market in your area.


Our Property Valuation Report will ensure that all parties have all the facts available to ensure well-informed decisions are taken when entering the property market.

A Property Valuation is an estimate value of a property at a specific date. Property Valuations are used by businesses, government bodies, individuals, investors and financial institutions when making decisions during a property transaction. The purpose of obtaining a Property Valuation is to determine the property’s market value before it is put onto the market to be sold.

House valuations are at the core of the property selling process. It’s vital for all parties involved in the buying stages to know how much the house being sold is worth, to help you negotiate a fair asking price and for the buyer to grasp the current state of the local market. It can also help you get a head start on discovering how you can maximise the value of your home.

A property valuation is carried out by an estate agent or an independent valuer to give you an accurate idea of the worth of your home. Buyers will also need to have a valuation if they’re applying for a bond, to ensure the lender offers the correct amount required.

For the valuation to be fair, most houses are compared with similar properties in the area. Property valuations that establish the market price are generally carried out by estate agents. Once you decide to sell your house, the agency you’re selling with will send someone over to have a look around and gauge how much your house is worth.

How To Get More Listings from Past Clients

How To Get More Listings from Past Clients

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