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How To Get More Listings from Past Clients

Oct 1, 2019 | Find More Sellers

Top agents report that referral and repeat business can contribute up to 39% of their earnings.

Here’s how you can reconnect with the clients you’ve served in the past and ensure that when they or the people the know are looking to make use of an Estate Agent’s services again, you are the first person they think of. 

Step 1

Make a list of the properties you’ve sold in the past ten years, and from there determine the clients you’ve worked with in that time.

That’s it. Baby steps, right?

Step 2

Make a personal character profile for each client. You want to include a short description (name, age, profession, marriage status), a brief history of your work with them, as much detail as you have about their likes and hobbies and the marketing messages they might be interested in receiving. Here’s an example.

By now you would updated your client list and gotten a basic understanding of each client and potential focuses for your re-engagement messages.

Step 3

Determine which clients had a good experience with you and give them a call asking If they’re happy with their home. Note how long it’s been since they moved in and let them know that you’d be available to assist them with any property questions or needs that they have this year.

This call doesn’t need to be intimidating; you’re not making a request or trying to sell something. It’s simply to ensure that you remain in mind for the buyers with whom you’ve already done business. Here’s an example of all your call needs to include:

“Hello Susan, I hope you’re well. I noticed that you’ve been living in your Greenside home for 2 years now. How are you finding it?”

“If you ever have any property related questions, or if you ever start thinking about other living options, don’t hesitate to give me a call. I’m more than happy to give you advice or point you in the right direction.”


Step 4

Create a “keep-in-touch” calendar for each of the character profiles you created in Step 1.

Start with their birthday and property anniversary, then mark dates for your New Year and end of year communication.

With four dates filled in, decide often you think you should contact them. Every month? Every three months? 

With that number in mind, populate your calendar so that you would have reached out to them enough times a year. Here’s a template for a client born on May 5th, who bought a property on September 5th and who you ought to contact every two months.

And you’re done!

Repeat and referral business depend on exceptional customer service and consistent after-care. Following this 4 step plan will help you deliver both with consistency. From here on out you need only develop profiles and calendars for each new client and stick to your plan.

Sounds intimidating? It’s easier to stick to a plan if you’ve got the technical support to automate your messages, keep your contact profiles in one place and have their information updated for you. See how MYCE can help you deliver exceptional service and ensure repeat and referral business by simplifying sophisticated customer relationship management.

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