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How To Ensure that New Clients Become Repeat Clients

Oct 1, 2019 | Find More Sellers

Repeat customers are great. They refer more often, they’re less likely to try pay less than your asking price and it’s easier to maintain these relationships than it is to consistently acquire new customers.

Here’s how you can deliver the kind of experience as a service agent that drives your clients to use your services again and get more listings from them in future.


Step 1

Plan out, in your mind, your perfect experience viewing experience with a potential buyer.

Imagine what that experience would look like. What would you need to do in order to deliver it? And what would you need to prepare?

Think about the best customer experiences you’ve had. What made it stand out? What was it about the service you delivered that produced such great results?

How would you need to prepare to do that again, for every viewing?

 Step 2

Formalise what you imagined into a checklist.

Include everything it would take for you to deliver the perfect service experience. This varies for everyone, but here’s a template.

Click to download this template.

Aim for consistency: Delivering an 8/10 experience every time is more likely to generate repeat and referral business than delivering a 10/10 experience every now and then.

The great thing about delivering quality service is that it’s 80% preparation and only 20% what happens on the day.

You’ve given great service before: doing it all the time is just about committing to a standard, preparing what you need and making sure it’s the only way that you engage with clients.

And you’re done!

Repeat business depend on exceptional customer service and consistent after-care. Following this simple 2-step plan will help you deliver both with consistency. From here on out you need only develop profiles and calendars for each new client and stick to your plan.

Curious about how to get more business from clients you’ve already done business with? 


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