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Convince Buyers To Sign By Becoming A Suburb Expert

Sep 26, 2019 | Negotiate Better Deals

As a South African Real Estate Agent who wants to sell more property in 2020, it’s important to consider how you can stand out from property portals and other agents.

Providing buyers with unique insights into the community will help you convince them to choose your listings and keep you top-of-mind when they are giving advice to friends and family.

No amount of deeds data or time on a property portal will tell a potential buyer about back routes to take during the 5pm rush, the incredible chicken briyani at the local North Indian restaurant or how many cute dogs attend the local Park Run every Saturday.

Beyond making you memorable, being active and visible in your community will give you expertise that buyers – and sellers – wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else.

Here’s how you can start becoming a suburb expert today.

Every week: Drive through the area

Here’s a suggestion you might not like – throw yourself into 5pm traffic.

You may think you know your farming area, but do you know it from the perspective of a local?

Does it really take 20 minutes to get into the suburb from the highway? Are there some obvious back-routes that could cut this time in half, or even some regular weekly event that extends it to an hour on Wednesdays?

This is just an example of how you could be providing value other agents can’t, just by getting to know the area a little better. These can include a more realistic sense of traffic patterns, how walkable the area is throughout the day or good times to visit stores or shops.

Every weekend – Live like a local

Going for lunch this weekend? Thinking of attending a Park Run? Do that your farming area.

Peek inside the local gym. Visit the nearby schools. Chat to the business owners, community members and security guards in the area. The things you learn will play a huge role in your prospects experience in that area, and there’s very few technologies or agents who would be able to offer them the same insights.

How do you find how much a house sold for? How do you find comparable home sales in your area? 

Apart from buying a Desktop Property Valuation Report, that comes down to local knowledge and asking questions. By embedding yourself in your community, you can get this information for free.

Becoming a suburb expert is about getting the kind of insights buyers – and sellers – won’t be able to find anywhere else (having unique value) but also making a powerful impression through your visibility in the area and unique knowledge.

Every other day – Brand yourself as an active community member.

By following the advice above, you should start developing a sense of the community events that take place in your suburb. These might include things like Park Runs, weekend markets and popular weekend specials that draw people from the suburb.

Attending and being visible at these events will really establish you as a member of that community and connect you with the suburb in the minds of those who live there. You won’t need to take on important roles or become deeply involved in any of these events, just be there often enough to start being recognised.

These are also great opportunities for you to meet and connect with community members, whether they’re service providers you can connect potential buyers with or individuals who could give you insights about the suburb, such as how walkable different areas are and good places to eat or get away for a weekend.

In Summary

The more time you spend in the suburb and the more people you speak to, the more unique insights and value you will be able to share with your prospective buyers. You will also be become more visible and memorable to the homeowners in your area, something that should be a priority for any agent who wants to be top-of-mind in their suburbs.


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