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Pre-populated database

One of a Real Estate Agent’s most important tools is a database of current homeowners in the suburbs they work in. There are many suburbs in SA with at least 10 000 unique homeowners, the contact details for which agents can access through a number of different channels, typically paying around R4.50 to procure just one contact record.

This is a major obstacle for agents trying to build a database of thousands of individuals, even those using multiple channels. MYCE removes this barrier by offering access to a database of contact details for every homeowner in an agent’s suburbs, for less than what it would typically cost to acquire the homeowner contact details of a small complex.


Automatically updated database.

Even if you were in a position to spend thousands of Rands building a database contact by contact, changes in homeownership or contact information would degrade the quality of that database over time. So the next thing we wanted to do was enable agents to work off a database that is updated automatically.

The database you get from MYCE will always reflect the most recent available data from the deeds office in regard to homeownership, contact details and deceased verification. MYCE is not only a more affordable way to get the homeowner details you need, but also to maintain the quality of that database in years to come.


How to find homeowner details.

MYCE is a Real Estate CRM, but it isn’t an empty shell. After setting up your account your profile will come already populated with the details of the homeowners in your suburbs.

The street search and complex search functions are two of the most popular ways to find homeowner details among MYCE users. Simply insert your search criteria, like a street or complex name, and the Contact Module will instantly generate a canvassing list of all those homeowners who match your search criteria.


Full POPI compliance capability.

Understanding what POPI is about is one thing. Knowing every step that you need to undertake to stay compliant is quite another. That’s why we’ve incorporated a complete POPI workflow into every single homeowner record within MYCE.

Using a simple step-by-step process within MYCE, you will be able to continue contacting and marketing to homeowners after POPI’s promulgation with full peace of mind that you are complying with everything POPI requires of you.

Comprehensive homeowner details.

A crucial part of marketing and sales is knowing your prospect. Using our Trace Module, you can simply use a telephone number to determine whether the contact is a real person, a current homeowner, whether they are deceased or not as well as a host of additional information.

Furthermore, you can import that contact into your CRM as a fully populated contact file with the click of button. From there, you can either make a phone call or begin a marketing journey using our Marketing Module.

Simplified marketing - email builder.

Part of what sets MYCE apart as a CRM and a Real Estate agent tool is the integration between its different capabilities. MYCE has an in-built Marketing Module that allows you to not only send bulk and automated marketing emails and SMSs, but to build and send them – using simple drag-and-drop templates – without ever leaving MYCE.

Schedule “Happy Birthday” and “Happy property Anniversary” emails or SMS’s, as well as any kind of messaging you would like to enact, in advance, confident that you’ll be staying top of mind for any homeowner in your suburbs for as far in the future as you care to plan.

Why you need MYCE in 2019


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Office:  010 595 3571